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        Is it harm to human respiratory when lone time useing CPAP machines

        Source:Internet Date:2016.8.20
        CPAP breathing machine using life: 
        (1)CPAP breathing machine is an important life support apparatus, it seems, most of the sleep apnea syndrome patients need lifelong use, which requires its stable performance, long life. Due to a special motor, in principle, the host life CPAP machine longer. We apply experience BiPAP ventilator for 6 years, domestic use CPAP machine also has the longest three years, the host is not a failure. In hundreds of patients home applications ventilator, the probability of failure of the host is also low, as the life of the CPAP machine can be sustained for 10 years, 20 years or even longer, there is no experience. However, whether domestic or imported CPAP machine repair work are better, especially under the supervision of a doctor, CPAP breathing machine maintenance and service work is guaranteed.
        (2)patients CPAP breathing machine long-term durability: CPAP breathing machine to use the biggest problem is that some patients can not be a long stick. Early in the study, 92% of patients can adhere to long-term use in the home, in recent years, the report found that long-term use rate of 60% to 80%, although in the current CPAP machine is still a lot of methods of treating sleep apnea syndrome the success rate is the highest, but how to improve the patient's CPAP breathing machine long-term durability remains a pressing problem.
        Decide whether the patient can adhere to long-term use of many factors CPAP machine.
        1) performance of the machine: as much noise CPAP breathing machine, it will lead to the use of interrupts. Bulky CPAP breathing machine, when patients do not carry out, in recent years, foreign production CPAP machine size reduction, noise reduction, improved long-term tolerance of the patient.
        2) the patient's condition is different: Elderly patients before treatment is not carried out due to the significant sleepiness, sleep more, sleepiness disappeared after treatment, sometimes manifested as anti-insomnia, sleep difficulties, easy application disruption CPAP machine; patients often go out of long-standing application of CPAP machine difficult; patients with significant weight gain during treatment, drinking will make overcome sleep apnea CPAP machine required pressure increase, if not timely adjustments can cause treatment failure; patients with severe sleep apnea syndrome, the symptoms are more intense than the desire to seek treatment, and easy to use long-term adherence, and mild person, long-term failure rate CPAP machine is higher.
        3) about sleep apnea syndrome little knowledge of its harmful lack of knowledge: This is of course a certain relationship with the cultural level of the patients, but less present in China for sleep apnea syndrome awareness, a lot of medical work who are its lack of comprehensive understanding, there are many errors in diagnosis and treatment, which is causing this situation the most fundamental reason. A thorough explanation by doctors, so that patients understand the long-term sleep apnea serious harm caused by patients and their families enough attention so closely with medical work, which is an important aspect. In addition, a strong and experienced technical support team, in the course of treatment, close follow-up, the timely processing of emerging issues, is the key to successful treatment of patients with long-term guarantee.
        Sleep apnea is a serious life and health disorders, the benefits of CPAP breathing machine body is far greater than its inconvenience. During use, it should be close contact your doctor for help in a timely manner to deal with the problems during use, to ensure long-term success of the application is essential.
        ⑶ use CPAP machine can be completely cured of sleep apnea syndrome: treatment using CPAP machine can actually make the condition sleep apnea syndrome significantly reduced, even if temporarily not applied CPAP breathing machine, also appears to shorten the duration of sleep apnea apnea frequency decreases, reduce the degree of hypoxia, apnea frequently can be replaced by simple snoring. Foreign experience is that in the first 3 to 12 months, the most obvious change this treatment, we have some patients after treatment, there is such a change. There was a 63-year-old patient, after a month of treatment CPAP machine, when traveling, to temporarily leave the ventilator sleep three days, obviously apnea did not happen, but after four days cold, apnea has increased. Application of CPAP breathing machine sleep apnea syndrome may not be a problem in a short time to temporarily leave the CPAP machine, but no longer want long-term use is not desirable.
        After the CPAP machine treatment, sleep apnea condition improved with the following factors:
        1) Sleep apnea syndrome patients because the long-term snoring, upper airway soft tissue edema obviously, increased upper airway obstruction, the application of CPAP machine after treatment, on airway edema or disappear, the natural condition has improved.
        2) patients with sleep apnea syndrome, chronic sleep disordered structure, upper airway muscle activity decline, the CPAP machine treatment, normal sleep architecture, 3 to 4 days to appear on the respiratory muscle activity enhancements.
        3) CPAP ventilator therapy can improve sleep apnea syndrome respiratory control, respiratory center to increase its sensitivity to various stimuli, reduce the incidence of sleep apnea.
        4) After CPAP machine treatment, sleep apnea syndrome patients due to chronic hypoxia and sleep disorders caused by endocrine and metabolic disorders disappear, many of the body's endocrine hormones back to normal.
        If your sleep apnea is caused due hypothyroidism, taking thyroid hormone tablets in the treatment of thyroid hormones cause the body to return to normal; or you're obese patients, CPAP machine during the treatment, significant weight loss after temporarily leaving the ventilator aPPLIED more polygraph examination to confirm sleep apnea syndrome has been significantly reduced or disappeared. According to the doctor's advice, you can disable the ventilator. Overseas studies found that after applying CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea, obese people lose weight more successful. Australia reported that a group found that after applying CPAP machine 1 year, nearly half of patients with weight loss of 5 kg or more, we had one case of severe sleep apnea syndrome patients hospitalized application of CPAP therapy for 20 days, body weight decreased 2.5 kg. So few sleep apnea syndrome patients while the CPAP machine treatment, active exercise, weight loss, leaving the CPAP machine or desirable. But for most applications CPAP breathing machine sleep apnea syndrome patients who want to after a period of treatment, long-term is no longer used CPAP machine, is not feasible.

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