Is there any difference between domestic ventilator and imported ventilator?

Description: First of all, there is no difference in the treatment effect and function parameters. It can only be produced by obtaining qualifications after approval by the Drug Administration. It also has strict procedures and production requirements. Secondly, from the price point of view, the reason why imported ventilators are expensive is that they incur more expenses when they are stationed in China, so the retail price is also high. Finally, from the brand point of view, all domestic ventilators brand status is the same, there is no brand name. Consumers can only make reasonable choices according to their actual situation. 

First of all, there is no difference in the treatment effect and function parameters. It can only be produced by obtaining qualifications after approval by the Drug Administration. It also has strict procedures and production requirements. Secondly, from the price point of view, the reason why imported ventilators are expensive is that they incur more expenses when they are stationed in China, so the retail price is also high. Finally, from the brand point of view, all domestic ventilators brand status is the same, there is no brand name. Consumers can only make reasonable choices according to their actual situation.

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